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Inca Berry the Super Medicine

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As people become more healthy conscious and aware of the food that they are consuming , so people are starting to discover the natural food medicine that has been used by ancient cultures for thousands of years .  You’ll realize why people say that food is the best medicine when you learn how many healthy properties exist in food such as the Inca berries

. But not just any kind of food. This article will show you the amazing benefits of the Inca berry.

 The Inca berry also known as Physalis peruviana, golden berry, Peruvian groundcherry or cape goodberry, is indigenous to South America where it has been used for centuries for its nutritional and medicative properties. It is part of the Solanacae family and is related to many other edible plants including, the potato, eggplant and tomato. The Inca berry is a small and round yellow berry containing many small yellow seeds. It is ideal as a snack on it’s own, in fruit salads as a garnish or as jam.

The Inca berry grows naturally in the  South American countries of Chile, Peru, Ecuador and Colombia where they are sold at the local markets by the local population who picks them the wild  . However the local people don’t consume them just for their taste. It has long been part of traditional medicine and is used to combat various diseases and ailments including malaria, cancer, hepa***is, asthma and rheumatism. Modern scientific studies have shown that the nutrients that are present in it such as polyphenols and cartenoids have anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties which are highly prices in combating heart disease.

Some amazing facts about the Inca berry include:

The Inca berry is rich in beta carotene, phosphorous, thiamine and Vitamin C amongst other macro and micro-nutrients. Plus calcium for healthy bones.The Vitamin B in the Inca berry helps prevent hair loss, gray hair and gives you healthy shiny hair by keeping your scalp healthy. The Inca berry is great for healthy intestines as it has a slight laxative effect and contains fruit fiber.

Everyone can benefit from eating the amazingly healthy Inca berry and this why it is becoming more sought after by nutritionists and other people knowledgeable about healthy eating and living.

If you suffer from any of the following ailments; being overweight, bad skin, lack of energy, headaches or digestive or other intestine problems then you can benefit from eating fresh super-foods such as the Inca berry. If you replace your normal diet with this kind of healthy food then you will be able to transform your body and your mind by becoming as healthy as you were meant to be. The Inca berry will boost your immune system and prevent disease, keeping you looking young and healthy.

If that wasn’t enough it’s possible to note even more health benefits from eating the Inca berry. For example besides containing various kinds of Vitamins B that keep your hair and scalp healthy it also contains Zinc which aids hair growth if you are receding.

It’s easy to see that eating the Inca berry as part of a healthy diet is going to give your body the best chance of living a healthy, long and prosperous life. Eat them raw, dried, prepared as jam or in any other countless ways to enjoy the tastes and health benefits of this amazing berry.

Phentermine Online Doctors – How to Get Prescription

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Weight loss is a struggle that a lot of people are facing throughout the globe. This is even complicated by a huge number of weight loss products most of which do not work. That is why it is important to go for approved weight loss products such as Phentermine. Phentermine is a weight loss diet pill approved by the FDA and which has shown incredible weight loss results for people who have used it over a couple of months. Then only thing you need to start using Phentermine for your weight loss journey is a doctor’s prescription.

Luckily for you, there are plenty of online doctors who carry out telemedicine and can prescribe for you phentermine after an online video consultation. They include: is run by the renowned Dr. James Kojian who has helped thousands of customers achieve their weight loss goals. For online phentermine prescription, Dr. James Kojian through serves; Orange County, Los Angeles, San Diego, San Fransisco, San Jose, Tallahassee, Miami, Tampa, Jacksonville, Hialeah, Tacoma, Fort Lauderdale, Denver, Seattle, Colorado springs and New York. If you live outside these areas, you can still contact Dr. James Kojian for non-prescription weight loss diet pills which are similar to phentermine.

Dr. Phen

Another place you can get an online prescription is at With, you get in contact with a doctor who will do a video consultation to determine if you can use phentermine for weight loss purposes. After the doctor is satisfied that your condition requires, the use of phentermine, they will give you a prescription which you can now use to get your phentermine weight loss diet pills. Currently, works with patients in Florida, Oklahoma, Texas, Nevada and California.

How do online phentermine doctors work?

It is important to remember that online phentermine doctors will only prescribe phentermine to patients if the patient’s medical condition allows for the use of phentermine. There is therefore an initial video consultation that doctor’s carry out with the patient to ascertain their medical condition. The great thing about online medical consultations is that you don’t need to be computer savvy to get a consultation with a doctor. All you need is a web cam and good internet connection with the rest of the process being guided by the doctors. Online doctors do telemedicine using HIPAA compliant video solutions which also mean that you don’t have to install any software on your computer.

Are there doctors who can prescribe phentermine near me?

There are thousands of doctors across the US who can prescribe phentermine for you to help you achieve your weight loss goals. However, you should take caution of fraudsters who use phentermine’s popularity to con unsuspecting patients be delivering fake weight loss products. Nobody should cheat you that they can get you phentermine without a prescription, those are probably a fraud which you should stay clear of. If you are looking for doctors to prescribe for you phentermine around where you stay, visit and you can browse all the available doctors in your area.

Where To Buy Phentermine 37.5 mg Online – How to Take for Best results

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Q. Do I need a prescription to order online?

YES, it requires a prescription in order to legally purchase anywhere store or web shop. There are very few reputable online pharmacies which can dispense this weight loss drug, because it’s a tightly controlled due to its potential for addiction. In order to get a prescription, patients should discuss their weight loss plans with their physicians to determine whether or not it can play a helpful role. For those without a prescription, choosing an effective alternative may be a better choice.

How to Take for Best Results
Dosage Instructions
Results Before and After
Average Weight Loss
Success Stories

A lot of online pharmacies advertise it for sale without a prescription, can’t I order from them?

Yes, it is indeed sold by some online pharmacies, and many don’t require a prescription. That’s because many of these pharmacies are located outside of the United States, and their own regional laws don’t address selling weight loss or other drugs online without a prescription. That still doesn’t make it legal for you to buy it, however. In fact, simply owning any prescription drug when you don’t have a prescription can land you in serious legal difficulties, so it’s inadvisable. Instead, visit your physician and discuss the possibility of getting a prescription legitimately. You’ll be glad you went the legal route, plus you’ll have your doctor’s support and valuable oversight while taking this powerful medication.

If I buy this product online with no prescription, what’s the worst that can happen?

There are prescription drugs which people choose to buy from international sellers without a prescription, and they never get into any trouble. Online pharmacies will try to point to these examples in order to convince consumers that online purchases are safe. Don’t be fooled. Not all drugs are illegal to buy or possess without a prescription. Some of the more harmless drugs are simply illegal to sell, which means people can buy them safely. But all brand name drugs containing this active ingredient, are controlled substances, which means they are not only illegal to sell, they’re illegal to buy online.

If I have a prescription, can I buy it online cheaper?

It’s not a good idea to purchase any products from a pharmacy that may not be reputable, even if you have a prescription and you’re not technically breaking the law. There are some legitimate online prescription filling services, which your doctor can direct you to. Most of the pharmacies you’ll find by searching online, though, are international sellers which aren’t overseen by the FDA like licensed domestic pharmacies. There’s no guarantee that you’d even receive good product from one of these pharmacies, and your insurance won’t cover medications purchased through them, either.

Is there an alternative I could buy online?

If you’re willing to try alternatives, you can find herbal and pharmaceutical supplements which have similar effects. Herbal supplements can be extremely inconsistent, so pharmaceutical supplements containing known, tested active ingredients like phenylethylamine and synephrine. FenFast contains these and other effective ingredients in its blend.

Q. Why do so many people want to order online?

If you’ve landed on this page, you’ve doubtless heard a bit of the buzz about this innovative weight loss support medication. Many people are discussing this product because, unlike many diet medications, it’s been proven to work for many patients. Even those who have failed before at other weight loss methods will likely find success, because its method of action is extremely simple and effective.

Why does it work?

If you’ve investigated methods of losing weight, you’re well aware of the fact that at its core, weight loss is about creating calorie deficit. A dieter must take in fewer calories than they burn. This can be accomplished either by eating less or exercising more. It works by fostering certain chemical reactions which suppress the appetite of the person taking it. With less appetite, they’re less likely to overeat, and as their calorie deficit grows, the pounds come off.

Where can I order Phentermine?

The simplest way to get it is to set up an appointment with your physician and get a prescription. Your doctor will wish to do a physical exam and counsel you on the side effects before writing your prescription. He or she will also want to discuss with you the need to make changes to your diet and exercise plans in order to build healthier habits while taking this product. Not doing so can result in regaining the weight you’ve lost once your treatment has concluded, which no one wants. While it is amazingly effective at appetite suppression, this is only in effect while actually taking the drug. Once you’ve finished taking this drug, the hunger and cravings will return back to their old levels. By starting a new regimen of healthier eating and regular exercise while still taking it, you can build healthier habits that will hopefully last. For this reason, doctors sometimes require that patients exhibit the self control necessary to lose a small amount of weight without this drug first. Your doctor will also want to ensure that you’re in strong enough health to take it safely.

How Long Should you Take Phentermine?

Phentermine can be taken safely for about 12 weeks but for obesity cases doctors recommend a time span of 4 to 6 weeks of use. How long this treatment will take also depends on how the person reacts with drugs. It should be taken daily for the first month. Phentermine should not at any time be taken for long periods since it can be addictive to the user. If the body the body has used phentermine for long with no results, you should simply do away with it since it would be a waste of time and money. Though cases of it not working range from minimal to non.

How Long Does it Take Phentermine to Work?

Phentermine causes the body to release catechol amines which causes rapid increase of energy and a considerable decrease in appetite. Once it is taken after some time one tends to be more alert. The rapid increase in energy facilitates the burning of calories which eventually leads to weight loss.

There are a few factors that will affect your weight loss when using phentermine. This factors include: Gender (Male and Female), environmental factors, strictness with diet, amount of initial weight and calories, the dosage of the drug taken in and also other genetic factors. Based on various studies women lose more when exposed to doses of phentermine. This is of course in comparison their male counterparts. Due to its insomniac properties some days should be skipped in the dosage to enable proper resting of the body.

How long does it take for phentermine to kick in?

For phentermine 37.5 mg pill to kick in it relies solely on the amount the dosage you have taken in. If one starts with a high dosage amount like 35 grams, the effect will be felt faster since it will be absorbed into the system quickly. Most people expect immediate effect (Loss of Weight). To know whether phentermine is kicking in, one would have to observe the following: Observe an increase in thrust and loss of Appetite petite as stated above. Phentermine 37.5 mg takes about one week to see the first weight loss effect.

When taking phentermine you have to exercise and eat appropriately according to body needs. You should also be committed and be disciplined to your diet. Phentermine is used to treat cases of obesity. Research has deduced that this medicine is fit and safe for use if a doctor’s prescription is followed to the letter.

How to Take Phentermine for Best Results?

For best results, and to increase the effects of phentermine, the drug should be taken when having an empty stomach before the taking of breakfast. The specified time for best results is 40 minutes earlier. One is advised to start with a therapy for anti-obesity with a dosage with about 30 mill-grams (mg) of phentermine. For you to ensure you attain maximum result in phentermine one needs to drink a considerable amount of water slightly above the normal taken every day. This depends solely on individual measures of quantity. You should not take phentermine while eating. Drinking of a lot of water helps you reduce appetite, which in turn aids in reverting need to ingest thus reducing calorie intake. It is also advisable to take water 20 minutes before eating so that your stomach feels falsely full this also has the same effect as what is mentioned above. One should also partake in daily exercise to top up the breaking down of calories by the energy produced by phentermine. Scientifically, boosting alkaline levels assists in gaining better results. Some of the foods that can boost your alkaline levels are live berries, watermelons, bananas, carrots, apples among other fruits. One should also avoid unhealthy drugs like alcohol, soda and ice cream shakes which may alter the proper functioning of the drug.

One can easily prepare water with lemon mixed inside or any other citrus fruits. The exception to this rule is oranges. You should not take citrus fruits while eating because it will neutralize hydrochloric acid in the stomach in turn hinder digestion.

In conclusion, phentermine should always be gotten from a professional handler with medical licenses to handle pharmaceuticals.

Phentermine Dosage Instructions

Sometimes shedding those unwanted pounds isn’t as easy as just watching what you eat. Sometimes it may take a little extra help along with the right changes in your lifestyle to get those pounds to move on off. One way some people are getting that help with their weight loss efforts is with Phentermine 37.5 mg. This diet pill is used with your doctor’s approval and supervision in combination with an exercise program, healthy, low-calorie dietary changes, and a change in the way you view weight loss to aid you in losing weight. It is typically recommended for those who have more than a few pesky pounds, but have been diagnosed as obese or have health issues due to their excess weight and it’s been determined that the health issues will resolve or improve by getting the weight off. There are specific guidelines written for Phentermine and because it is a stimulant similar to that of amphetamine, it should only be taken as directed, and it’s important to follow the correct guide on how long to take phentermine as recommended by your doctor.

The only thing you can to do is make sure to take your Phentermine 37.5 mg doses on time and properly.
Your daily dosage is best taken thirty minutes before your breakfast (or first meal of the day), on an empty stomach. Keep in mind that it may cause mild insomnia for some people. As a result, it is advised that you don’t take it in the evening or at night. When you receive your prescription from us, full instructions for you to follow will be included.

Some physicians recommend splitting the daily Phentermine 37.5 mg dosage into three portions and that you should consume each one half, an hour prior to eating your meals. Read the directions on your prescription label thoroughly and, if there is something you don’t understand, whatever you do: don’t hesitate to ask your doctor or pharmacist. Also make sure, of course, to listen to the answers carefully and even request written instructions for future reference. Under no circumstances you should alternate the directions of taking Phentermine. The duration of treatment varies on the results and on your reaction to the medication.

The usual dosage recommendations are, for Adults: Take 15 to 37.5 mg orally one time a day either before breakfast or 1 to 2 hours after breakfast. For Pediatrics: 17 years and older can take 15 to 37.5mg orally one time a day before breakfast or 1 to 2 hours after breakfast.

Maximum dosage of phentermine per day

Phentermine comes in two types of prescription forms; brand and generic. It also comes in either pill or capsule form and in a choice of dosages depending on how your doctor wants to order the medication for you. He will base his dosage on a few factors: your weight, age and, lifestyle among a few other factors. The most common dosages to choose from are 15mg, 30mg and 37.5, with the maximum dosage being the 37.5mg. That is as high as a doctor should order it for a patient, to be taken once a day either at one time, or broken in half to take 18.75mg in the morning and the other 18.75mg at night.

Phentermine twice a day

If your doctor orders the highest dose of 37.5mg, he may order it to be taken once a day at one time or take half of it in the morning and half at night, which means you will be taking Phentermine twice a day, but the total mg is still the same. If he orders a smaller dose of 15mg, he may order that to be taken twice a day, morning and night.

Phentermine 15mg

Phentermine 15mg is the lowest dose of the medication and is a good starting dose for those who are taking it for the first time and who may not have as much weight to lose as others, or you have other medical conditions that your doctor feels the lower dose would be safer for you. It can always be adjusted as needed.

Phentermine dosage 75mg

The highest dosage of phentermine is 37.5mg and there is not a higher dose. Phentermine does not come in 75mg nor is it recommended that you take that much in one day.

Phentermine dosage to get high

Phentermine can be addictive which is why there are strict prescribing guidelines. It gives people energy and can give them a “high” feeling, or wired feeling. How much Phentermine does it take to get a high feeling? It depends. Some people report feeling high on the 37.5mg a day but the longer some people take it, the more it will take to achieve the high feeling as a tolerance is built over time. This is why doctors will usually only prescribe Phentermine to be taken anywhere from 6 to 12 weeks.

Missed Dose
If you forget to take your phentermine one day, do not double-up or increase your next dose. Simply leave the missed dose and start up once again on the regular schedule.

Phentermine Tablets and Capsules

Traditionally, these pill is available in three oral pill sizes: 37.5, 30, and 25 mg. Depending on your prescription, they are available in both tablet and capsule form. Some are even available in long lasting, or extended release, which helps when you don’t want to take too many pills every day or if you have trouble remembering numerous doses.

Results Before and After, Average Weight Loss and Success Stories

Phentermine day 1
Bodies respond differently to phentermine on the first day of intake. Phentermine 37.5 mg is prescribed to be taken in the morning an hour before breakfast. some of the patients who took phentermine said that the impact of the medication was felt as soon as after the first thirty minutes while others had no change but rather they got more hungry. However, after several days the medication responded accordingly.

Average weight loss

Average weight loss of a quality phentermine dosage of 37.5 mg is 1500 calories diet per day when taken together with a glass of water every day in the morning. This a conclusion from a sample of 35 people men and women where within fourteen weeks the total weight loss was 16.8 lbs that is approximate 5 lbs in every month.

Success stories

Many patients have appreciated phentermine at different dosage since it has created a positive impact in the body at different stages especially after three months. Different experiences are explained below.

Before and after one month Results

Different bodies react differently, but most of the weight is lost within the first month. Redmond says in his first month he lost 17.2 kg which is much more than the second month where only 12 kgs were gone. However, he added said that he was on exercise and he was so choosy on food. After the medication, he concluded that it all matters at which peak you start with.

Results after three months

This is the stage where fully sufficient change is observed. Many patients appreciate phentermine at this stage. ‘Losing 25 pounds of weight in my third month this is an achievement’ Ragonfly a patient says. He hopes to reach his target by the fourth month. However, she added that this was possible together with a lot of exercise and healthy eating habit.

30 mg results

Phentermine is an oral administration drug and it is packed in different amount. 30 mg tablets or capsule takes approximately 3-5 hours to be digested. It create impact in patient’s body differently according to various factors such as gender, genetic issues among others. 30mg capsule has some great side effect on the patient which he or she has to withstand for the rest of the medication. For example feeling hyper action, feeling excessively active, you feel restless, some bit of headache and dizziness, problems in sleeping, constipation and diarrhoea, dry mouth and having bad smell and feeling increase or decrease in sex interest. However, despite all this challenges that the patient has to pass through this amount gives a positive result to the patient within two months. Some patients have lost 20pounds and they feel motivated to keep using it.

Results with 15 mg

Most patient prefer this amount because it has less side effects as compared to phentermine 30 mg. This is especially patient with nausea issues which start at the end of first month which makes them fell so annoyed. Nevertheless, it too has some side effect such as dry mouth, feeling buzzing among others but they are less intense with this less dose. It gives too some good response to the patient and some lose up to 35 pound within three months.

How to Buy Phentermine Online

Phentermine is the most popular and effective weight loss diet pill approved by the FDA. It is very easy to find best place to buy these pills that can help you jump start your weight loss around your area and in your local pharmacies. You can easily begin your phentermine purchase online or simply walk with your prescription to your local pharmacy.

It is now easy to get a phentermine prescription online by doing a video medical consultation. With thousands of doctors across multiple states, you can get an online medical consultation to ascertain if your medical condition allows for the use of phentermine and start using phentermine to achieve you weight loss goals easily. Protection Status