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Losing Weight Requires Healthy Meal Plans and All Natural Food

Losing weight might be one of the hardest things you try to do.  It does not have to be that way. Healthy meal plans are the very cornerstone of fat loss, and that does not mean buying processed, prepackaged junk at the local grocery store.  It takes building your meals from the bottom up, with good, natural ingredients which feed you body and soul.

Protein Power

Few things are as effective in turning onyour fat burning metabolism as protein.  Not only do you require protein for producing fat burning muscle, each cell in your body needs protein in order to function.  Protein slows the absorption rate of any and all sugars you consume and it takes a while to digest so you feel full longer.

Carbohydrates are Critical

The latest weight loss trends seem to focus primarily on eliminating supposedly dangerous foods.  Carbs have taken a bad hit lately.  While it is true that there are some carbohydrates that should rarely p*** your lips, many aren’t only healthy, they are essential for you to live properly.

A rule of thumb, do not eat any refined, processed or white carbs.  As a society we eat too many carbohyrdates in any case, but these are particularly harmful.  Causing your blood sugar level to soar and drop, refined sugars and carbs cause your system to dump insulin into the bloodstream.  This insulin sends a signal to your body to pull the blood sugar out of the blood and turn it into fat.  The constant rise and fall makes you feel irritable and hungry.

Whole grains, within reason and fruits and vegetables are healthy sources of carbohydrates.  They digest more slowly, provide enough essential nutrients and include superb fiber, which promotes a sense of fullness and aids elimination.

Fat is Fabulous

No one is suggesting that you sit down and consume a stick of butter or drown your foods with margarine and fat.  Healthy fats, though, are not only good for your cardiovascular system and essential to the functioning of your nerves and brain, but they also help you reduce inches.

Olive oil and coconut oil are the only oils you should be using in your home.  Some natural butter is fine as are the fats found in raw nuts, avocados, wild caught fish and other natural sources.  Medium and long chain fatty acids not only feed your body’s need for certain fats, they are quickly converted and used for energy.  Talk about a win/win situation!

Building that Meal Plan

Healthy meal plans incorporate all of these essentials when developing a menu.  Some fresh, organic whole eggs alongside a bowl of steel cut oats makes a great breakfast.  If that does not sound good, then consider some nitrate/nitrite free bacon with sprouted grain bread, a vine ripened tomato and some red leaf lettuce for a BLT that can not be beat.

Lunch can be a piece of grilled fish or salmon, a side of steamed broccoli and a baked sweet potato.  Another great selection would be a Cobb salad made with a wide selection of vegetables and some ***orted toppings.  Dinner is good to go when you defrost a small steak and enjoy it with a green salad and some quinoa.  Just remember to include all three of these essentials and not only will you be losing weight, you will be enjoying what you eat with one of these healthy meal plans.

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