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Ten Ways to Quick Start Your Diet Plan

Staying on a diet is hard work. It’s easy to start with a bang and then fizzle quickly. Unless you see some results quickly it’s hard to stay motivated. So how do you get your diet off to a quick start without sacrificing your health?

Cut out sugar and desserts. This should be your first step when dieting. Allowing yourself to have a special treat every now and then may be needed to keep you from going crazy. But watch your sugar intake carefully. So many foods, such a ketchup, sneak sugar into your diet without you even realizing it. Read labels carefully.
Drink more water. A lot of weight gain is caused by sugary drinks. Water is the absolute best thing to drink when on a diet. As long as you’re cutting out soda, it’s a step in the right direction. Diet drink have less calories but they have added chemicals that aren’t good for your health. Plus, they’ll often make you want to eat more snacks. Keep a water bottle on your desk at work, one in your car, and another close at hand while you’re watching television. Though we all know we need to drink more water; we won’t do it unless we make it a continual habit.
Exercise more. Eating right can only do so much on its own. You have to work out, too. A thirty minute workout every other day is ideal. Look for excuses to get mini-workouts throughout the day. Walk instead of drive when you have the option. Or dust off the bicycle and take if for a spin.
Get a friend to diet with you. This will help with your accountability. Rome wasn’t built in a day, nor was it built by one person. You may need the support of others when dieting. Dieting with a friend is a good way to help each other.
Eat tons of veggies. Many diets allow you to eat as many vegetables as you like. Be sure to eat a salad before every meal, this will leave less room for fat, greasy foods and a sugary dessert. Remember that salads less their healthy advantage if you cover them in ranch, cheese and bacon. Focus on non-fat dressings, blue cheese crumbles, lean grilled chicken breast or turkey. Or, and I know this sounds crazy… eat a salad that’s just vegetables.
Keep healthy snacks with you at all times. We all get cravings. It’s good to having something on hand so you nip that craving in the bud, before you get ambushed by a snack machine or hotdog cart. Almonds, apples, and carrot sticks are good choices.
Stay away from restaurants. Once you’ve started losing weight you can add a few things back into your life. When you’re use to eating salads or grilled fish you’ll know how to order at a restaurant without it sabotaging all your efforts. But if you go to restaurants when you first start your diet; you’ll be tempted to order based on old habits.
Focus on whole grains. Breads and pasta can be very fattening. Making the switch to whole grain can be difficult, but it pays off. Remember that smearing butter on a piece of whole grain bread to make it taste better defeats the purpose.
Eat more fiber. Fiber can regulate your digestive tract and it’s a lot better for you than most snacks. If you get a late night craving that you just can’t shake off, go for a low-fat fiber cereal with skim milk.
Be careful with meats. Protein is important, but too much meat is very fattening. Also focus on what kind of meat you are eating, and how it is being prepared. Red meats tend to be more fattening. Grilled fish and skinless chicken are healthier choices when eating meat.
By following these simple suggestions you can get your diet plan off to a healthy start.

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